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years spent studying what makes humans tick

clients helped to grow their businesses (roughly!)

marketing strategies filed in my brain

the number of these you probably need


You know that grounding in the Principles is the biggest factor in your success in your business.

But you’re just not having the impact you’d like to.

You’ve probably tried buying products and programs from internet marketers, but you get overwhelmed and never seem to implement them.

Plus they all seem to be saying that your happiness and well being depend on your business being at a certain level and you know that’s simply just not true.

Grounding IS the key to success in the work that we do.

And sometimes there is also some missing information that might be really helpful to enable you to reach more people.

Or sometimes you just need a sounding board to bounce your ideas off.

There’s so much value we have to offer the world.

Seems a shame not to get this thing out there to touch as many lives as we can, don’t you think?

What if you could work with someone who has grounding AND a few years of marketing experience?

I get that you want to create a simple, profitable business.

I wonder what could be possible……

Hi, I’m Nic Bird

I trained as a coach back in 2003 and went on to build an online coaching platform, taking it from zero to seven figures in just under four years and teaching thousands of coaches how to grow their businesses in the process.

I invested tens of thousands with the leaders in the online marketing space and became a complete marketing geek.

I fell in love with marketing as a tool that allows me to impact more people

Then I stumbled across The Principles and they changed my life.

Since then I’ve taken every opportunity to study with the pioneers in this field all over the world and share my understanding to the best of my ability.

In that time I’ve delivered online programs, live in-person groups, year-long programs, 3 day intensives, and blogged and podcasted throughout.

Now I help people with anxiety and panic attacks get their lives back. Simply by teaching the Principles.

And my grounding combined with my marketing expertise means I’ve managed to reach over 6,000 people with anxiety that have NEVER heard of the Principles in just the last 4 months and helped transform their lives.

I don’t just teach marketing, I’m doing this stuff for real every day with my own clients.

And I don’t just teach other Principles coaches – I’m impacting ordinary people that have never come across the Principles before.

bringing the Principles to ordinary people

want me to create you a 12 month strategy to grow your business?


©2017 Nicola Bird